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Aguila & Rouah Ė Exakta Collection Ė a new Revised Edition by Michel Rouah
translated into English by Michael Spencer

In 2003, two of the world's best authorities on the subject of Exakta cameras and equipment, Clement Aguila and Michel Rouah, published the most comprehensive, illustrated guide to all things Exakta in French.

Sadly, Clement Aguila has now passed away but Michel Rouah has now completely revised this book "Exakta Collection" bringing together all the research and findings from collectors and enthusiasts from around the world and the result has been translated into English and will soon be published.

There are quite a lot of changes from the French edition, and even from the English edition of Chapter 8 that the Exakta Circle published in 2008. Thereís no doubt that this will continue to lead the field in Exakta information.

The new English edition will be litho printed (four-colour process printing will be used for the cover, greyscale elsewhere, using higher-resolution image setting (so one should not see any dots!) on quality 100gsm paper.
The books will be properly case bound, sewn and glued with 3000mic boards for the covers and foil blocking on spine and front cover.

Due to the costs involved, the translator and editor, Michael Spencer, is asking purchasers to pay for their copy in advance. Prepaid copies will also be available for collection at the International Exakta Meeting at Chalon-sur-SaŰne in May 2014, at £65. Copies will not be available before the meeting at Chalon, because itís Michel Rouahís meeting and Michelís book! And Michael hopes that this will get more people to attend.

Prices, including postage, at todayís conversion rates:

UK £75; Europe 93 Euro; USA $138; Canada $CAN 143; Australia $AUS 146.

If you are interested, please write to Michael direct at 27 James Street, Pittenweem, Fife KY10 2QN, with a sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank (or a postal order!), or e-mail him at michael@scotlights.com to receive an electronic invoice with a PayNow button built in. This invoice is in the form used by PayPal, which is perfectly secure. Currency conversion is automatic. You donít need to have a PayPal account to use the system. You give them the details of your card or your bank account for this one-off transaction, and these details are not passed on to Michael. In either case, donít forget to give Michael a postal address for delivery.

The deadline for orders is 30 November 2013.

Please note that enquiries about this book should be addressed to Michael Spencer using the details given above.
This book is not being published by the Exakta Circle.



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